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Gitan Dans La Forêt [entries|friends|calendar]
Dorothy Catalonia


Daniel Kyle, 3.685 kg, was born 21/4/198. No, I'm not yet married. Though I've stayed out of most of the parties this Season, I do plan on returning next Season. Currently, I'm in Germany with my aunt Eleanor. While it was just for the summer, I am now considering staying there for the holidays.

If you are trying to contact me about a marriage proposal my grandfather may have implied, do not bother. I'll ignore it.

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I still think of him. I guess I still wait for him. My family is pushing Jack on me. He's not as bad as I originally thought. Maybe he can make me forget....

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Danny [09|18|06 9:30am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Danny can almost sit up all by himself! He's also trying to crawl as well. We aren't able to turn our back on him for a moment now because he tries to sit or crawl by himself and ends up flinging himself over the edge of the couch!

Sylvia's party is this weekend. I've already told her I'll go, so I can't really back out unless Daniel develops a huge fever or something. Calista teases me like an older sister about the situation and insists that Danny is fine in her care for a few hours. It should be a good party, though. The leaves haven't really changed, but there is the whisper of a crispness in the air.

Danny loves being outside, and Marius loves it, too. Pili is already working on Halloween costumes for both the baby and the cat. Apparently, their costumes will go with each other, but she's keeping it a secret from all of us.

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Home [09|06|06 10:00am]
[ mood | listless ]

I had stayed with Aunt Eleanor so long I almost forgot it's not my home! Granted, I did spend about half my childhood in her home. My home, currently, is in Barcelona. I had stayed there long enough to accumulate more than enough crap. It took two days to pack everything back up—Danny had the most things, naturally. Then another two days for travel. Danny is horrible on planes, so we opted to drive back home. At home, it took us three days to unpack! However, we're settled back in.

Danny makes lots and lots of noises now, and every sound intrigues him. He especially loves this little nursery song Calista sings to him before his nap. He'll grab at anything he can get his hands on, and he loves to see what all he can do with it: put it in his mouth, tear at it, shake it, et cetera. Pili says he's grown twice as big since she last saw him, and Michael has kept near the babe ever since he returned to my house. Pili thinks he's getting a crush on Calista, and I wouldn't be surprised.

Sylvia Noventa contacted me yesterday, and she's having one last party before the weather turns too cold and before the holiday parties start up. She's invited me. I haven't received an invitation to any party at all this Season (not that I would have gone and left Daniel so that I could tour the ballrooms), but she said she really wants me there. I believe she has ulterior motives, but it's been so long since I've danced and socialized outside my circle of family and friends. I'm going anyway. It won't be my first time away from Daniel. I have gone on shopping trips and such while he stayed at home with Calista. However, it will be the longest I've been away with him. The dance ends so late that I'll probably spend the night at the Noventa's, and I've always been there when Danny goes to sleep and when he wakes up. Rationally, I know he'll be perfectly fine and safe with Calista and Pili (and perhaps Michael, but he may come with me to Sylvia's party). However, what I really want most is to take Daniel with me and parade him around the dancefloor.

I can't stay by his side all the time, and one night won't hurt us.... Maybe.

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You [09|01|06 6:15pm]
A more profound entry later...maybe.

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Try out this Meme

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Ivy [08|15|06 8:25pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

I've found a new layout. It's from premade_ljs. I'll probably fiddle with it some more later.

Danny is doing well still. Aunt Eleanor has always loved children, and she absolutely adores Daniel. I've already stayed in Germany longer than I intended because of her. She wants me to stay through the holiday season. While I'm sorely tempted to take her up on the offer, I am missing Barcelona. Michael and Pili insist that all is going well back there, but I still want to return. Marius will probably enjoy going home, too.

While helping my aunt with her garden, I got into a patch of stinging nettles. Now I have rashes on my arms and legs, and they really sting! Aunt Eleanor has brought in a lot of dock leaves and crushed them to help me. It'll be a painful next few days.

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This is war! [08|14|06 4:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Daniel sits up now, and he can roll around on the floor. Calista believes he'll be crawling soon. He smiles for real and recognizes people's faces. He still doesn't sleep through the night, though.

I found this website: Kittenwar. I've submitted Marius' picture, and you can watch over his battles here.

I'll try to write more later.

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